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About Us ...

Ugot is a family owned and run smart home integration specialist company based in Chandlers Ford between Winchester and Southampton.  Our specialities include, but are not limited to, Home Cinema, Whole House Entertainment, Smart Home Automation and Home & Property Security. We have been providing high quality products and solutions for over 10 years to a range of customers from private individuals to multi-national businesses.  Every customer is special to us and we always try our hardest to give you a great service and a great experience.

Our Experience ...

There are many components that make up Ugot but the ones our customers see most are our sales and installation staff so it is their experience that most people want to know about. The combined experience of our sales team is over 25 years and all of that experience has taught us to offer as much help and information as we can so that our customers can make an informed decision. ‘Selling’ for us, is about helping, not winning. Our technical team also has over 20 years of experience in a broad range of disciplines from electrical contracting to building controls, audio & video installation, CCTV, marine installation and much more.

Our Core Values ...

1. We are exceptional in all that we do!
2. We aspire to ever greater success through our expertise & proactivity
3. We are proud to be be reliable, consistent & caring to ourselves, partners & customers

We believe in these 3 key values and they not only define us as a company but also set us apart from our competitors.

Our Timeline ...

Today Ugot is a small but perfectly formed Smart Home Integration Specialist with a sales arm and a highly experienced installation team offering a complete service across the spectrum of our chosen field. Our rapid and sustained growth over the past 11 years is a testament to the dedication and drive and quality of our entire team. The following timeline details some of the significant steps in our journey so far.

March 2006: Room for a different approach
Ugot is born with the purpose of simplifying and improving what is offered in the home control arena.

June 2006: Our first multi room AV installation
Our 1st Multi room AV installation built around the Opus 500 system and it’s still going strong today.

November 2006: Bring on the technical experts
Our Technical Manager joined us bringing a wealth of controls experience which pushes the technical level up several notches…and he’s still here!

2007: Big strides forward
Our website finally took the shape we wanted and sales began to climb.
Our installation business began to really take off with installations across the UK of all different types.

2008: Making waves
This was a seminal year for Ugot with key manufacturers asking us to work directly with them. We were starting to make a difference in the market. With many great installations under our belt and a growing web presence we then land a a prestigious project with a leading developer for one of the largest private homes to be built in 2008. The project took two years to complete and is our flagship installation including Opus multi room, Rako lighting control and a fully equipped, dedicated home cinema.

2009: Adding for the future
Ugot looks to KNX for the future of controls in the UK home and commercial market and becomes a KNX partner building on the strengths and experience of our installation team.
More installations and growing online sales continue to push growth

2010: Growing and shaping
A key manufacturer asks us to Beta test their new Multi room system – a testament to our excellent reputation.
Installation levels continue to grow and the whole business grows by over 30% in the depths of a recession…

2011: New Opus 6 launches, even more installations
Ugot celebrates 5 years of delighting our customers
A major manufacturer launches a new solution and Ugot is out of the trap first with a huge number of installations across the UK.
Ugot begins to widen our range with our first multi room installation on the Channel Islands.
Stable HD video is now a main product and we push the boundaries.
Business grows again by over 40%, still in a recession so it’s time to add to the sales team.

2012: The busiest start to a year ever.
Installations are up (again) and the entire team is needed to keep up.
The new website is launched.
Growth still very strong.
More new suppliers, more new products.

2013: Big change
New offices were the big story and great for business.
Opus took their ball and went home so we signed with Elan g! & Control4 among others.
More prestigious installations across the UK.
The team grew with the addition of a dedicated marketing manager

2014: Consolidation and re-investment.
Ugot online (, our online sales website launches to much fanfare and immediately online sales increase.
Control4, NuVo and Kaleidascape make their way to the top of our product list.
Commercial installation becomes a focus with hospitality, business and education being key focus areas
Marketing enjoys more investment in line with our aspirations for growth as the recession lifts.

2015: Continuing growth
2015 saw the company grow again this time with the addition of a dedicated team administrator. Our growth area was Home Cinema but we still maintained a strong footing in the whole house entertainment part of the market with some bespoke systems for new build homes and a number of multi-dwelling projects

2016: Award winning homes
What a year! - our best growth ever, a new trainee engineer, some great projects across the whole of the South of England and some prestigious apartments in London. On top of that we brought our new online sales website to fruition. We won a great project in a Church conversion in Hampshire and we began the process of re-branding ready for a re-launch of the business in early 2017 at the start of our 11th year trading.


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